Outsourced services for professionals and small entrepeneurs: secretary / helpdesk / customer service / sales and purchases / marketing

We offer remote services for the management of your business, providing reliable and qualified personnel for the following activities: electronic correspondence, drafting of documents and presentations, information to customers, update of your website and pages on social networks, orders processing, marketing campaigns (graphics, content, newsletters), technical support to customers, coordination of other resources, etc.

Working remotely, your Virtual Assistant will provide you support in the daily activities of your business, leaving you time for more important tasks.

Here are the advantages of having a Virtual Assistant:

- no cost for the preparation of a workstation (desk, PC, printer, etc.) and energy consumption

- economic savings compared to the hiring of employees

- invoiced fee (deductible expenses)

Investing in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and can be reached from many European airports with a flight of a few hours. In Cyprus there's sunshine for more than 300 days a year: a hot sun from May until September, and war and pleasant during the remaining months.< ...