If you choose Cyprus as your holiday destination or as your permanent residence, you will have the opportunity to purchase a property of good quality and in a favourable position, compared to the beautiful sea of the area and the services available (public transport, shops, etc.), as well at affordable prices compared to offers you can find in other European regions.

We will present you a wide range of properties available, which differ from each other by: type of property (apartment or single house) and square footage / number of bedrooms, location (coastal area or internal villages), ancillary services (eg. private pool or communal pool), etc.

Together with our consultants, who will be at your disposal during your trip, you will be able to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Investing in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and can be reached from many European airports with a flight of a few hours. In Cyprus there's sunshine for more than 300 days a year: a hot sun from May until September, and war and pleasant during the remaining months.< ...