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Investing in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and can be reached from many European airports with a flight of a few hours. In Cyprus there's sunshine for more than 300 days a year: a hot sun from May until September, and war and pleasant during the remaining months.< ...

Where investing

The spectacular nature of Cyprus, however, lies primarily in its beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea. Not everywhere, however, you will find Caribbean beaches. The best area is the south-east coast: from Ayia Thekla and Ayia Napa (the Cypriot Ibiza with nightlife and nonstop entertainm ...

Types of Invesment

Holiday rentalsMake the most of your investment: from € 300 to € 2500/week (Based on various parameters: high / medium / low season, type of property, services, etc.)We will offer you the properties having the highest rental potentialPer ...